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Master Student (m, w, d) - Thesis on the determination of optimal safety stocks and order policies
Thesis • Full or part time • Flexibler Arbeitsort
from 01.07.2021

In Germany alone, 281,000tons of garbage from to-go food and beverage packaging are produced each year. Food containers account for 60% percent of this waste and are the fastest growing segment. VYTAL’s mission is to reduce waste from to-go food by making reusable packaging as easy and convenient as disposables. We have therefore developed Germany’s first digital reusable food packaging system which provides the right incentives for usage and quick return of the containers.

Optimal safety stocks and associated (high) service levels are critical to the performance of our reusable packaging system. High safety stock levels lead to high inventory costs and low safety stock levels can lead to low service levels and thus many replenishment shipments of containers within our distribution network. This raises the question of optimal safety stocks. In addition, maximum stock levels are used to manage high stock levels by redistributing containers within our network. To ensure high availability of containers at our partners and to manage our operations teams efficiently, we need to set both optimal safety stock levels and maximum stock levels at our partners for each relevant container type.

Desired Research Results

  • An estimation model to determine optimal safety stocks and maximum stock levels at each partner per relevant container type
  • Identification of an optimal order policy for our distribution network
  • Alignment of optimal safety stocks and our daily forecasts

Key Research Tasks

  • Preparation of data set for estimation (with support of other Master/ PhD students)Incorporating our container forecasts when determining optimal safety stocks and maximum stock levels
  • Development of an adequate estimation algorithmn and a well-designed model setupValidation of optimal safety stock levels and maximum stock levels by comparison with current practice

What we are offering

  • Access to our broad network in industry and academia
  • Access to all existing data and research
  • Supervision by the founders (PhDs, top management consultants)
  • Integration in a great team and close exchange with other master/PhD students

If you are interested, we are looking forward to receiving your CV and a short motivation letter via email to Malou-Anne, HR[a]