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With our recruiting solution you will quickly find new employees who really fit into your company.

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Simplify your recruiting.

We have made it our business to digitize your recruiting and help you to get more applications.


Publish job advertisement

The integration of Catch Talents is quick and easy. Within a few minutes our applicant management is ready to use and you can publish your job advertisements directly on your own website. Using the integrated application form, candidates can apply for your positions with just a few clicks.


Automatic applicant search

We place your job advertisements optimally in selected job exchanges, social media and search engines. At the same time, suitable candidates from our talent pool are automatically contacted and can apply directly to your company with just one click. In this way we increase your reach and pick up the best candidates exactly where they are.


Easy applicant selection

Our intelligent matching algorithm allows you to find promising candidates in a clear ranking at a glance. In addition to skills and competences, you will also get to know the personality of the candidates before the personal interview with our ISA-Method®, which has been specially designed for the application process. In this way you always make the best decision.


Our software supports you in the search and selection of applicants and provides you with better results through machine learning.

Efficient applicant management

Create job advertisements quickly and easily and receive applications from all channels clearly bundled in one place.


With Catch Talents, you can easily find new employees who really fit into your organisation.



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The integration of Catch Talents is quick and easy. Receive more applications without the annoyance of reviewing long resumes.

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